Aug 13 2008

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Back-to-School Nightmares

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I attended college many, many years ago.  I graduated with a fairly good GPA.  I only had one semester where I didn’t do so well, and that was when I had to report to the Mission Training Center for my LDS mission the day after my last final.  Good planning on their part, huh?

However, as soon as the Back-to-School ads start up, I have the reoccurring dreams.  You’ve all had them, you know what they are.

Scenario 1: I have an exam at UCLA but I haven’t been to class for so long I can’t remember where the classroom is, or what day and time the class meets.

Scenario 2: I realize that I haven’t actually graduated and I have one more class to take but I am not enrolled in school, and I stress and stress over how I am going to finish my degree

I always wake up trying to remember if I have to go to school or not.  It is stressful.  I don’t love it.  Because I’m not going to back to school, no way, no how.  It’s hard enough trying to get my kids through school!

Additional updates:

Fortunately or unfortunately, Rob was picked up last night on some outstanding warrants.  I knew this was coming as soon as he left the house yesterday.  He hasn’t finished paying his fines, and they don’t like that.  So, he’s back in jail again.  The jail is overcrowded, so I’m not sure how long he’ll last, but in the meanwhile, I have suddenly become the mom to Jane and Otis.

Otis, who is almost 4 months old now, has decided that he is my lap dog.  Last night while watching the Olympics, he sat on my lap and looking longingly at me.  That was likely because what he really wanted to do was chew me.  Jane is sulking because Dad isn’t home.  She loves me though, and she’ll be okay.

I have to say, things at home are a little bit in a weird flux.  Don’t know if John and Dest are coming or going.  Don’t know if Julia and Ben are coming or going.  Don’t know if Rob will be coming back to be with us.  So, I’m just flowing.  That thing I do so well… just flowing.

And I’m worried about a little thing like back to school.

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  1. Jenny Ryanon 13 Aug 2008 at 8:48 am 1

    Oh man, I have those EXACT same nightmares. Plus the one where you have a final, and suddenly realize that you’ve neglected to ever attend even one day of the class over the course of the semester. I HATE that dream!

  2. Bethanyon 13 Aug 2008 at 5:56 pm 2

    I have a combo dream of your number two and Jenny Ryan’s comment — I find out I haven’t graduated, I am enrolled in a class, but haven’t been attending (since I didn’t know I had to). And it always takes me a minute afterward for me to realize that, yes, I have graduated! Odd how the terror remains with us, isn’t it?

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